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Pastor Simmons is a Rochester native. He has been married to Jonvonna Simmons since 1988; they have three beautiful children and two grandchildren. He went to Franklin High School, attended Brockport College, finished at Empire State College with a Bachelor of Science degree, and is currently attending Northeastern Seminary. His spiritual journey started as a youth, raised in the church, attending Sunday School and worship services. At 15 years of age, Pastor Simmons had a tragic event that changed his life. His father, who was his best friend and hero, passed away. His father's death changed the trajectory of his belief in God. For several years he struggled to believe in God and became angry with Him. In August of 1988, pastor Simmons excepted Jesus' grace of salvation. He started his spiritual learning by attending Jerry Falwell's Institution of Biblical Study for two years. He also became an ordained Elder in the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Simmons retired from the City of Rochester in April of 2022. He has been employed since 1989. For 15 years, he managed the cemetery division, grew as a leader, and accomplished numerous projects to stabilize the cemetery's health. As a pastor, Elder Simmons is a compassionate leader; he leads by serving the people. He has evangelized in various cities and developed numerous spiritual and educational programs throughout his ministry.


First Lady Simmons was born in Harlem, NY but soon moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Jonvonna Simmons is married to Pastor Simmons since 1988. They have three beautiful children and two grandchildren. She attended the Pittsburgh Public School system, Slippery Rock College, and finished at Empire State College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. First Lady Simmons works diligently in the ministry with her husband to complete God’s works. She has the heart to see people prosper both spiritually and naturally. As she has developed many things like Women’s Department President (Conferences, “I’m Every Woman” Fellowship, Cancer Awareness, Quarterly Prayer Meetings), President/Founder of the Daughters of Faith Incorporate-young lady mentoring program, and holds a position as Treasury Secretary for her local church. She leads by example by being a wife, mother, sister, and friend. First Lady Simmions is honored to be a part of NYW First Jurisdiction Women’s Financial Staff and a Board Member of Helena Akins Memorial Charities. Currently holding this new Godly assignment as District 5 – District Missionary, and before serving as Assistant To District Missionary, she knows there’s much work to do for God.

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