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Empowering Children to Be a Better Version of Themselves

Youth Programs

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Achievers In Life (AIL) is a nonprofit, mentoring organization whose primary emphasis is on young men ages 5-19. AIL helps participants mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially in order to achieve their full potential in life. 

Historical Statement 

In 1995, in response to news and stories about rampant homicides in Rochester, New York, a group of men recognized the need for more positive influences in the lives of young men. Young men needed to learn, live, and see examples of the timeless principles of character and acceptable behavior. In response to these needs, the first AIL branch was started. 

Mission: to mentor -5-19 old young men who are maturing mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially to be Achievers In Life. 

Visions: By serving as positive mentors and role models. Achievers In Life assists parents and guardians with their responsibilities. In collaboration with parents, schools, and churches, in targeted communities. AIL serves as a guiding light for young men in their growth and development toward manhood. AIL should be seen as a positive influence which parents and guardians can trust. 


Values: The organizational values of AIL are based on the following Six Pillars of Character:

  1.  Trustworthiness

  2.  Respect 

  3.  Responsibility

  4.  Fairness

  5.  Caring 

 6. Citizenship                

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History of DOF

Daughters of Faith began in 2010 because Mrs. Simmons saw a need to support parents with their daughters. She decided to recruit young ladies ages 9-18 years of age to develop their self-esteem. Mrs. Simmons knew this program needed to be non-traditional that young ladies could communicate openly and share their inner thoughts. The name Daughters' of Faith originate from a dance group from Renewal of Life Church of three young ladies. As Mrs. Simmons continued the program, she ponder on what direction because she knew it needed to reach more. Mrs. Simmons knew she needed dedicated women to serve on the board for the program to go to the next level. She prayed about who would be the best fit; the first meeting was scheduled for October 2012, and all accepted positions on the board of Daughters of Faith. November 2013-it became official through the State of New York.

Mission Statment 


Motto: "Reach One to Change One". 

​The Board of Directors believes that reaching one young lady within and through this age group of 9 through 18, can help enhance their mind for the future. We believe that through our fellowship young lady is able to reach their highest potential. We believe through Daughters' of Faith that one young lady can influence another with positive aspects. ​We believe that our own lives can and will be the highlight of these young ladies and they will become business owners, careerwomen, advisors, and phenomenal assets to their communities. 


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